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With a focus on BERNINA machine embroidery techniques, learn tips and tricks for creating successful embroidery projects and enjoy the friendship of fellow embroidery enthusiasts.

Below you will find the dates and topics for the remainder of 2017 for All About Embroidery:

All About Embroidery- Fearless
Turn fear of machine embroidery into fun as you explore new techniques and keep up with new products in this monthly class.  Choose from individual monthly classes.

Lesson-1 You CAN Have it Both Ways
Embroidering on napkins is always a fun, quick project and a great way to practice your embroidery skills. We will talk about placemant and how to hoop (or not hoop) napkins, embroider on them and create them into a unique project perfect for travel.

Lesson 2- On the Edge
Placing designs along a specific edge can be challenging! This lesson will discuss how to place designs so they fit within a specific length of fabric using multi-hooping. Take that technique and apply it to a cute and stylish apron.

Lesson 3- Just for Embroidery
In-the-Hoop projects are a lot of fun, and they make quick, inexpensive gifts! We will take a look at some examples of in-the-hoop items and create a cell phone charger station that keeps your phone charger neat and tidy.

Lesson 4- Double the Fun
We will make a easy double pocket pouch using two embroidery techniques- quilting in-the-hoop and couching with embroidery.

Lesson 5- Sew Many Options
This tote is perfect for showing off embroidery designs! Take a look at several different embroidery techniques as you create the perfect totes to showcase your machine embroidery.

Lesson 6 - Pocket Full of Fun
Recycle a pair of old jeans to make these unique pot holders! In the process we will take a look at how to embroider on pockets and talk about embroidery on denim fabric.

Lesson 7 - Boatload Of Organizational Ideas
There are a boatload of items that you can store in these Button Boats! We will create this one-of-a-kind “boat” that holds the things you need most and keeps them handy. Then, we will talk about organizational aids that will keep your sewing room and embroidery needs organized.

Lesson 8 - Colorful Pouches
Creating beautiful embroidery with colorful threads will be the focus of this program as we take a look at different threads that can be used in the embroi-dery machine. We will create a colorful pouch using a design from Susan Roony’s “Create” embroidery collection.

Lesson 9 - Fluffy Stuff
Embroidering on towels, velour, and other fluffy stuff can be a challenge. This class will give you guidelines to create perfect embroidery on towels. We will also create an in-the-hoop towel hanger to show off your work.

Lesson 10 - Two for One
Stitch up a unique double-zip box pouch with two compartments to use for travel or to store sewing accessories. We will take a look at some handy embroidery aids and accessories that will make the embroidery process easier.