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Ten monthly lessons with a focus on BERNINA machine embroidery techniques, stabilizers, design collections, and exclusive BERNINA embroidery features. Developed and presented by Kay Hickman.

Below you will find the dates and topics for the 2018 for All About Embroidery:

Lesson 1 - Make Your Mark
Make a perfect project to keep your favorite marking pens (or anything else) close at hand.  This lesson will talk about marking pens and pencils and the advantages of different types.  Permanent fabric marking pens will also be used to add detail to an embroidered design.  Supporting pattern: Hang On by Lazy Girls Designs.

Lesson 2- Not Just for Fabric
You can embroider on more than just fabric!  Learn more about unusual materials suck as paper, cork, and craft paper.  Explore the different designs and stabilizers to use when embroidering on these unusual materials.  Supporting patter: Classy Lass Wrist Pattern by Bella Nonna.

Lesson 3- In the Right Spot
This class will explore the different ways to place a design where you want it to be.  Embroider on a ready-made knit t-shirt and discuss some of the do's and don'ts of placement.  Also, learn the tips and techniques for embroidering on these unusual materials.  A ready-made t-shirt or sweatshirt will be needed.

Lesson 4- The Joy of Giving
Part of the joy of embroidery is to be able to give things you have made to family and friends.  Make a project that is perfect for holding a small gift or gift card and discover ways that you can make any gift special with a touch of embroidery.  Supporting pattern: Prezzies by Lazy Girl Designs.

Lesson 5- Mini Things
Making a design fit within a small area can be challenging.  This class will give you guidelines on re-sizing and editing designs in embroidery software and in the BERNINIA embroidery machines.  Supporting pattern: Mini Divas by Sew Many Creations.

Lessons 6 - 10 - Coming soon!