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BERNINA Creative Studio - Software Inspirations

Dive in BERNINA Embroidery V8.1. These Wednesday lessons will continue to explore
the features of Software 8. Software is the perfect companion to your embroidery machine. BERNINA hosts
a webinar each month with Debbi Lashbrook. After watching the webinar, Jacie takes you through the technique
or project hands on with your computer. There are 10 sessions in 2019 and they will be priced as All
About Embroidery above. Bring your USB stick so that we can download all of the files needed to be successful
in your software journey. Classes begin at 10:30am

Below you will find the topics for the 2019 for Software Inspirations:

Dive deeper, each month, into the new BERNINA Software 8.1 Software.

Lesson 1- Words in Shapes
     Begin the year leaning more about CorelDRAW SE.  Conform lettering to outline shapes to form a collage of words that can be embroideried or painted with DesignWorks.

Lesson 2- Playing with Patterns
Get creative with the patterns in BERNINA Embroidery Software.  Even create your own patterns and send them to the machine for embroidery or stitching.  Use pattern fills, pattern outlines, and pattern stamps for embellishment.

Lesson 3 - Intertwined Designs
Explore CorelDRAW SE and learn how to create an intertwined, wrapped design to add dimension to your projects.

Lesson 4 - Heirloom Touches
      Using tools in BERNINA Embroidery Software, create touches of heirloom embroidery to add to your projects

Lesson 5 - Creating with the Blend Tool
The blend tool in CorelDRAW SE gives you many creative embroidery options to add to your quilts, clothing, and craft projects.

Lesson 6 - Lettering Play
Explore creative ways to play with fonts.

Lesson 7 -

Lesson 8 -

Lesson 9 -

Lesson 10 -


Class 1 - DesignWorks Overview
Let's begin with an overview of how to create using all three tools in DesignWorks - CutWork, CrysalWork, and PaintWork.

Class 2 - Create your own Zentangle
Create your own Zentangle design using the drawing tools DesignWorks.  Learn how to edit scanned artwork to create a masterpiece.

Instructor Name:Jacie Rinne
Instructor Bio:Jacie Rinne