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Software Inspirations

Dive deeper, each month, into the new BERNINA Software 8 Software. Choose from monthly classes or buy all 10 lessons and save 20% on Isacord thread all year long!

Lesson 1- Expanding the Boundaries
PhotoStitch is a fun new feature of Software 8! If the size limitations of the picture are restricting, learn how to create a larger picture using this great new feature of Software 8 along with a few tricks from Artwork Canvas.
Monday, January 23  10:30-1:00

Lesson 2- Creating Texture with Altering Pattern Runs
Create interesting textures using Alternating Pattern Runs. Learn how to use basting stitch markers to create a design that reaches beyond the limit of the hoop. Monday, February 27  10:00-1:00

Lesson 3- Quilting Made Easy
Use Software 8 to efficiently create your next quilted project. See how quick and easy it is to add quilting stitches around designs that are perfectly placed. Monday, February 27  10:00-1:00

Lesson 4- Beyond the Surface
Software 8 has six new puffy foam alphabets! Let’s investigate embroidering 3D fonts and digitizing designs to work with puffy foam. Monday, April 24  10:00-1:00

Lesson 5- Reaching Beyond the Limits
BERNINA Software 8 has new multi-hooping features. During this lesson, we will explore how this new feature works and how to best align designs that reach beyond the limits of your embroidery hoop. Monday, May 22  10:00-1:00

Lesson 6 - Shh...it’s a Secret!
Shh..it’s a secret! Something new and exciting is coming to BERNINA
Embroidery Software 8 and this lesson will spill the beans on these new

Lesson 7 - Let's get Personal
Personalization of items is always in vogue. Let’s explore the monogramming
program of Software 8 and create monograms that can be used on a
variety of blanks.

Lesson 8 - Digitize Your Counching
Couching is a fun technique to add texture to your projects. We’ve been
able to couch yarns with our embroidery machine since the Free-Motion
Couching Foot #43 was created, but the couching feature in software is
new. This lesson will focus on ways to add couching to your projects.

Lesson 9 - 3D Globe Effect - A Whole New World!
With 3D Globe effect you can create a wonderful three-dimensional
embroidery effect. Create this contoured effect using the numerous patterns
in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 and learn ways to apply the effect in
your projects.

Lesson 10 - Mirror Merge Possibilities
Two new tools have been added to our fun Mirror Merge Toolbox. This
lesson will focus on some of the things you can do with these new tools and
open up the Mirror Merge Possibilities.

Instructor:Jacie Rinne