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8390 N Main Street 
Dayton, OH 45415 
(937) 264-1872 

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Featherweight Collage

I can attend the Collage Teacher Certification Retreat with Laura Heine on June 18 & 19. I am very excited to get to learn from her and shop in her store which is called Fiber Works. You can check it out at:
We will be learning a brand new collage that is only available to teachers in the certification retreat. We have one month after we return home to teach the pattern exclusively before Laura puts it up on her website to sell to the public.
BERNINA Main Street will be closed from June 16-June 24. We will be back in the store at 10am on Tuesday, June 25
The Collage Classes have been scheduled!
Each class has two sessions and here are the dates:
Thursday, June 27 Session #1 10:30am
Friday, June 28 Session #2 10:30am
Thursday, July 18 Session #1 10:30am
Friday, July 19 Session #2 10:30am
The same collage will be taught in June and July
Seating is limited so don't delay
I will have more information after I get back from the retreat-stay tuned!
Cost: $ FREE