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Dive into BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 DesignerPlus!.  These ten lessons will continue to explore the features of Software 8.  Learn why software is the perfect companion to your embroidery machine.  Developed and presented by Debbi Lashbrook.

Below you will find the topics for the 2018 for Software Inspirations:

Dive deeper, each month, into the new BERNINA Software 8 Software.

Lesson 1- Cuts like a Knife
Learn the ins and outs of the knife tool, including the changes that have occurred with Version 8.2.  The lesson will include how to create split applique designs.

Lesson 2- Cut it Out!
With Software 8, new users for the CutWork Tool were added to the features of the software.  Learn how to create cutwork applique for use with the CutWork Tool or for your cutting machine.

Lesson 3- No Holes Barred
Software 8 has five different types of embroidered holes that can be created.  Learn how to create embroidered cutwork using the new features of Software 8 and learn the difference between the five types.

Lesson 4- Leave Your Imprint
Create your own style with Elastic Fills in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.

Lesson 5- Picture This
Explore Corel PHOTO-PAINT and learn how this program can be used in conjunction with Software 8 to create one-of-a-kind projects using your photographs.

Lessons 6 - 10 - Coming soon!